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Growing Pains
Featuring Rook
Year 760-761 of the New Age
The winter was a bitter one. The earth had become as solid as the antlers decorating the brows of many of the Blackwoods inhabitants, and feed had become nearly impossible to find without digging through feet of snow. Rook had taken to chewing copious amounts of bark to keep the hunger at bay, though even bark was becoming scarce. Some of the weaker members were already looking gaunt, and one of Rook’s yearmates had developed a rattling, gasping cough. The sickly colt was putting on a brave face, but it was abundantly clear that the spiker would not be seeing out the year.
Unsure of how to properly respond to such a situation, Rook gave his friend comfort the only way he knew how- by ignoring the problem and pretending everything was fine. The black stagling kept his friend company, playing and practising sparring, and
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Dorje | Astral Tracker by Haloclimb Dorje | Astral Tracker :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 2 0 SA | Serora | Gatherer | Dorje by Haloclimb SA | Serora | Gatherer | Dorje :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 18 14 In the language of flowers by Haloclimb In the language of flowers :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 19 2 Lili icon by Haloclimb Lili icon :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 0 2 The Bountiful Harvest by Haloclimb The Bountiful Harvest :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 22 4
Berries and Bonding
Featuring Masae and Lithili
Autumn, Year 765 of the New Age
Gumtree Hollow, Windbourne

The scorching grasp of summer was quickly losing it’s grip on Windbourne, with temperatures falling into tolerable ranges for the Allied herd once more. Now that they no longer risked heat exhaustion sparring, young stags and some intrepid young does were happily testing out their newly grown antlers, some still holding a few strips of velvet as their impatient owners fell to the call of their hormones and began the rut for a new year.
While most fawnlings greeted the growth of their antlers or tusks with joy, others were not as pleased by the changes; one such filly was especially put out by the whole state of affairs. Said filly was currently fighting back tears (and doing a rather poor j
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Hakea / Doe / Soldier / Glenmore Refugee by Haloclimb Hakea / Doe / Soldier / Glenmore Refugee :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 24 19 Hakea / Basic Bacon Design by Haloclimb Hakea / Basic Bacon Design :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 10 1 Clash in the Blackwood by Haloclimb Clash in the Blackwood :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 18 15 The hidden flowers by Haloclimb The hidden flowers :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 12 4 Clearing out the vermin by Haloclimb Clearing out the vermin :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 17 4 Kiore / Colt / Renegade by Haloclimb Kiore / Colt / Renegade :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 25 9 Adara reference commision by Haloclimb Adara reference commision :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 4 5


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Fawnlings || Profile Template
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Using a 3D Reference Model - Walkthrough by jouroo Using a 3D Reference Model - Walkthrough :iconjouroo:jouroo 59 32 Haven Guardians by TigressDesign Haven Guardians :icontigressdesign:TigressDesign 39 20 Hanamura Showdown by f1x-2 Hanamura Showdown :iconf1x-2:f1x-2 1,474 74


Re-doing  my old plot journal because it is way outdated orz
And I am loosing track so I need to write these down!!
Everyone is open for collabs! Shoot me a note if interested!
A notes- I am very slow!. I am neck-deep in my PhD right now so I can drop off the radar entirely when things get busy, but I will not abandon an rp!

Fawnlings / The Western Isles

Lithili|Doe|Herbalist by Haloclimb
(Can be found in most areas of Windborne)
Born Y760 (9 y.o currently)
(Medium in Magic and Crafting, Advanced in herbs- can and will make tinctures and items if you need it!)

Lithili is a big ol' goofball. She has her head in the sky and is usually either looking at plants really intently, or rambling on about how cool birds are. She's sweet as anything but a bit naive, and is is very adventurous like most Windbornes. She is becoming more nomadic, and in the next few years will leave the Allied Herd entirely and becoming a travelling doctor/herbalist. She'll treat anyone, regardless of herd affiliation- a true neutral party!


-Always looking for more friends for Lili to play with.
-General encouters with other Windbornes!
-Practice with magic and herbs
-Getting chased away by some loyalists? She sticks her nose into way too many places!
-General stat building; always up for this!
-Gearing up for an expedition to the other lands; will not happen until she is around 15! (I need to get her stats up so she is safe for the ocean passage and Blackwood!)

-Mates, romance, any of that jazz. She's completely uninterested in romance or babbu's, and will just side-eye any does or stags who try and sweet-talk her.
-Serious violence. She's my precious tiny child! I'm happy to write cute rp's with her getting chased off or bullied, but I have 0% interest in her getting seriously hurt or abused.

-Closed indefinitely.

-Possible RP with Sparrow? (Rp with geometric-harmartia; Started-Sparrow's turn!)

Hakea / Doe / Soldier / Glenmore Refugee by Haloclimb

Windbourne (Can be found with the Allied Herd)
Born Y758 (Currently 11 y.o)

Hakea is a grumpy grump with a tender spot for those who are different or in danger. Need someone to step in and slap a couple bullies? Hakea is your girl! While she isn't fond of stags, she will be cordial, and can warm up to some eventually if they show they are okay. Anyone who disrespects does or bullies others, however, will feel the full brunt of her anger. She is a fleeing fleer from Glenmore and has pretty negative associations with anything from there- so stags with harems, 'does as property' mindsets, and ridicule for coat colour are red flags to her. She is pretty awkward around fawns, but does her best to keep them safe. Is very proud of being a Soldier, and loves the gender equality in Windbourne with all her heart!

-General rp's!
-Kicking Loyalists butt's!

-Romance (Something is already in the works!)

-Currently closed. It will take a while in-game before she feels ready to even think about fawns!



Rook / Stag / Blackwood / Warrior by Haloclimb
Born Y756
(12 y.o currently)
(Is ADVANCED in Stamina, Strength- and loves to help train others!)

Rook is a Blackwood through and through; think does are the bees knees, and wants to throw bees at the knees of any Glenmorian stag he comes across. He's a cheerful fellow with a pretty accepting view of death, in that everyone will die at some point, so why worry about it? He throws himself 110% into everything and is stubborn as a mule. He doesn't mind crossbreds as long as they prove themselves, and dreams of one day being a Warrior or Raider and helping abused and hurt Glenmore does escape into the Blackwood or cross the border into Silverthorne if they so desire.

-Always looking for friends and general interactions!
-Sparring, sparring, sparring!
-Probably some teasing about how scruffy he is/ how plain his antlers are.
-Arguments over food because he's a big fattie and will scoff down whatever food he can find, even if it isn't his
-FAMILY! Do you want this handsome stag to be related to your Blackwoods in some way? Throw me a line and let me know! I'd love for him to have some siblings or cousins!
-General interactions with other Blackwoods
-Small scuffles with young Glenmore guards; older and more experienced guards he will run and get other Warriors to fight them off.

Right now, I'm not looking at any SERIOUS romance plots. Crushes and puppy love is fine (of either gender!), but I don't want to tie him to anything serious until I've got a better idea of where I'm going with him.
-Rook is a kind hearted stag, and is crazy respectful of does. He will never try and force a doe, and will never try and steal her out of her home. He will try and convince a doe to leave, but if she says no or quite obviously doesn't want to leave, he will drop the subject and leave her be.

-OPEN. Note: I would prefer him to NOT be amazing and have fawns each year. If you need a pretty face to fill up a doe's harem, he is most definitely your man! If he is chosen by a doe, he WILL try and be involved in both the does and the fawns life, even if it's just being a helping hand to the doe with the fawn.


-Sparring between Morgoth and Rook! (Art collab with @PrimalInstincts- started the sketch!)
-Sparring with Tsugalusa! (Art Collab w/ purpleshadowbooster -sketch done,sent in for lines and background!)

Kiore / Colt / Renegade by Haloclimb

Glenmore (Currently in the Needle with his fam)
Born Y767 (Currently 2 y.o)

Kiore is a tiny, fluffy grump who is Very Upset that no-one takes his anger seriously. As he is all of one years old, this means he squeaks a lot and nips at fawnlings ankles. He is rough around the edges but very affectionate with those he likes, which is pretty much just his family at this point. Think of a cat, and you have his personality. He is very greedy and will stuff anything edible in his mouth! He is also very mischievous and will definitely get into trouble or pull pranks if he thinks he can get away with it. He is a renegade through and through, and thanks to his mamas proncessness he is a full Oakfern!

-Right now, not much! He is very smol and is stuck to the side of Belial when he is not stuck to his mothers side.
-Meeting other Renegade babs! Also, meeting with other Renegades as he has a tendency to wander.
-Always up for family rp's aaaah

-Him getting hurt, kidnapped, killed etc.
-Romance. He 2 smol and I'm still working out just what is going to happen with this!

-he a babby
-Kiore is going to grow into a tiny angry grey pillow who has a tendency to wander. It's not really known what he would be like as a dad! This will be developed as he grows.



Starborn Alignment

SA | Serora | Gatherer | Dorje by Haloclimb

Dorje is everyone's grandma, and while she is a big grump she still loves and cares for everyone. Except for Aodhains! But Aodhains who have left their country and want to live in peace in Serora and who are willing to follow Serora's ways are a-okay with her. She is still full of fire for a 60 year old and will punch assholes in the nose. She will defend you to the bitter end and invite you around for a cup of tea afterwards.
Her home is, and has been for many years, something of a half-way house for anyone in need. Those who are travelling and need a safe place to rest their head are welcome, as are those who need help and support. Dorje has adopted (both formally and informally) many children over the years, and just wants everyone to feel safe and happy.

Looking for:
-Friends, acquaintances, adoptees
-Meeting/helping other Serorans; if you are preparing for the upcoming war she will provide as much support as she can. She would love to go punch the invaders herself but is getting a bit too old for such rough housing!

Not looking:
-uhhhhh not entierly sure, float the request past me if you are unsure!

Breeding notes/ Foals:
-Dorje is a)Old and b)Infertile! She will not bear children. She will always adopt kiddos though. She is like a hoarder of those in need.

Current RP's:
-The open rp's in Serora when I get off my ass


I can jump this log!
Featuring Belial and Kiore
Summer, Y768
The Needle, Glenmore

......he can't jump that log.

One of the pictures from my original bid for Kiore, showcasing his personality a little! He's surrounded by huge (to him) fawnlings, and he often forgets just how small he is.
Unfortunately, the laws of physics are a cruel mistress, and quickly remind him that he a shorty.

Not pictured: Kiore crying, headbutting the tree in anger, crying some more because that hurt, and Belial being besides themself with laughter as all this happened.
Still, Belial helps clean Kiore up before they go back home and grabs the little doofus some berries, so all is well.

Tagging DatNachtmaehre for more sibling bonding and Belial getting a good laugh at their little bro being an idiot  I am a dummy! 
Round One, Fight!
Featuring Dewayne and Rook
Spring, Y769
Widow's Hollow

An amazing collab with the great Rodwendess !! Go shower them in bacon, they took my sketch and made it absolutely beautiful <333
Here we have Rook and Dewayne having a friendly spar; gotta keep in shape around here! Rook has caught the full brunt of the moon in this, hence his looking a little lighter than normal *w* Work doesn't stop at night in the Blackwood!

Thank you so much for your patience Rodwendess, and for this collab, I had a great time and got some good practice in with my watercolours :D We should do this again some time!

Featuring Rook

Year 760-761 of the New Age


The winter was a bitter one. The earth had become as solid as the antlers decorating the brows of many of the Blackwoods inhabitants, and feed had become nearly impossible to find without digging through feet of snow. Rook had taken to chewing copious amounts of bark to keep the hunger at bay, though even bark was becoming scarce. Some of the weaker members were already looking gaunt, and one of Rook’s yearmates had developed a rattling, gasping cough. The sickly colt was putting on a brave face, but it was abundantly clear that the spiker would not be seeing out the year.

Unsure of how to properly respond to such a situation, Rook gave his friend comfort the only way he knew how- by ignoring the problem and pretending everything was fine. The black stagling kept his friend company, playing and practising sparring, and both stags resolutely ignored the fact that the sick colt could spar for only a fraction of the time Rook could before having to rest. The ill stag, Thicket, spoke only of his approaching Coming of Age ceremony in complete defiance of the elders who were both subtly and overtly suggesting that he not join in on the ceremony that year.

“We don’t need the wolves getting fed! That fool colt will just be giving them a meal if he insist on trying to take one of the dogs down.”

Taking a break near the wheezing colt, Rook gave Thicket a friendly nudge to his shoulder.
“Ignore them, Thicket. You’ve got a great pair of horns coming in, I know you’ll be taking down an ice bear when you go for your ceremony!”

Hacking out another rattling cough, Thicket grinned wryly at the dark colt, shakily climbing to his feet once more and lowering his head in preparation for another charge. As he laboured, he spoke to Rook. “Well, if you have such high hopes for me then I’d best go after a whole pack of wolves, shan’t I?”


As Thickets ceremony grew nearer, the thin colt got sicker. Rooks rack had sprouted into a fine pair of study horns, and his legs seemed to stretch into infinity as he grew like a weed on the sparse grazing available. Thicket, however, had stopped growing entirely; his antlers had remained as buds, and though his face was gaunt, it still retained the rounded planes of youth. Rook brought the youngling what spare feed he could, but there was little that could be done. Thickets chest rattled with each breath, and he could barely raise himself to his feet unassisted. The thin colt was still insistent on completing his ceremony, wobbling to his feet whenever an elder approached and tried to talk some sense into the young stag. Rook spent most of his day helping Thicket move around in a constantly decreasing circle, and stopped mentioning anything about the encroaching test in the hope that Thicket may just forget the ritual entirely and spend his days resting peacefully instead of nearly killing himself getting ready for what was destined to be his funeral.

Thicket saw through Rooks pitiful attempts at subtlety, and pulled the black colt aside one chilly afternoon.

“Rook, do you understand why I am doing this? “ Thicket asked, fixing the stag with a serious, unreadable look. At Rooks confused expression, the sick colt smiled sadly.

“It is because I cannot call myself a Blackwood if I do not try this. I’m going to die out there, no doubt about it. But I will die as a warrior, rather than dying hidden in a den like some cowardly Glenmore. I will go out there and meet my fate head on, and I will go to the Mother with a smile on my face knowing that I died a good death. Do you understand?” Thicket asked earnestly, gazing up at Rook.
Not trusting himself to say anything, Rook merely nodded, burying his face in Thickets soft mane, still thick from his fawn coat. Thicket sighed, leaning against Rook a little harder as his lungs rattled through another breath.
“This is just how things go, Rook.”


The morning of Thickets coming of age ceremony, Thicket passed away.

The colt had lost what little weight there was left to loose, and lay quietly wheezing on the ground as Rook tried desperately to urge him to his feet. But Thicket had nothing left to give, and could only fight for his next breath with what strength he had left. Rook gently lay next to him, folding his legs under the sick colt to help prop the spiker up. Thicket opened his eyes slightly, blearily watching Rook arrange himself.

Smiling weakly, Rook tried to lighten the mood as he gently cajoled Thicket. “If you don’t get up soon, you’ll miss your own ceremony, sleepyhead!”. Gently nosing the side of Thickets face, Rook tried to keep the despair out of his voice as he encouraged the downed colt. “Do you really want to let those elders be right about you not going through your ceremony?”

Wheezing out a breathless laugh, Thicket lay still as his eyes slipped back closed. “Just tell them I’ll do it tomorrow”, he joked quietly. “It's not like those old bags of bones have anything better to do but wait the winter out.”
The two lay quietly for a few minutes, before Thicket mustered the energy to talk once more.
“Rook”, he said, watching the dark stag with a ferocious intensity. “Rook, you need to complete my ceremony for me. I can’t even walk to the proving grounds anymore, and I can't die knowing that I never got to try. Even if its just in name only, it's better than nothing!”

Throwing his head back in shock, Rook stared at Thicket in disbelief. “Thicket, I haven’t even started to prepare for a ceremony! I’d have no idea what to go after! I don’t even know if I can-“

“Please” Thicket whispered, staring intently at the gangly stag. Gingerly turning his head to hide in Rooks scruffy mane, Thicket whispered so quietly that Rook had to strain to hear him.

“Please. I won't ever ask anything of you again. Please. Take my name with you when you go through your ceremony, and let the mother know I did my best.” Wilting under Thickets intent stare, the dying colts words rattled around in Rook's head. 'I won't ask anything of you again'. Only then did it truly hit Rook that this was the end of the path for his dear friend. There would be no more requests for Just one last spar, Rook!. After this day, there would be nothing left of the willful colt but a cold grave and some bleached bones for the scavengers to pick over.

Huffing out a watery laugh, Rook buried his nose in Thickets fur, internally despairing over how cold Thickets skin felt. “Well, when you put it like that, how can I say no?”
Smiling softly, Thicket closed his eyes and relaxed against Rooks side. Time marched on, heedless of the quiet pleas from one sad, lonely colt to give him just a few minutes more with his friend.


Nearly a year later, Rook stood before the proving grounds, where the stories of so many of his kin ended. Looking on the grounds brought Rook no fear, only a strange kind of acceptance as he stepped foot onto the sacred ground. His fate was in the hands of the Mother now, and he had but one last task to complete before he began his quest. Dropping his head in respect, he began.

“Blessed Mother, I dedicate this ceremony both to showing you I am worthy to call myself your child, and to bring honour to my dear friend Thicket, who rests in your great glades. While his body failed him, his soul was strong and devoted solely to you. May his sacrifice bring you pride, and may I prove my worth to you this night.”

And Rook set into the forest, heading for his future with a determined glint in his eye and a smile upon his face.

Growing Pains
Featuring Rook
Winter, Year 760-761 of the New Age


I've had this in the works since February orz
Just a piece looking at the events of Rook's life have shaped his personality. Blackwood is a harsh place, and I think death is something the herd and Rook are very close to, personally. It's something he has had to grapple with from day one, and it's something that has strengthened his faith quite a bit; if he didn't believe that all those who passed before their time got to be with the Mother, it would be a much harder reality for him to cope with.

Also, young babby Rook was 90% legs and scruff. He managed to take down a wolf at the very end of winter that was half-starved and sick as well, and was quite lucky to get through with only minor injuries!
Dorje | Astral Tracker

Astral Points: 8
Skill Points: 300
Level: 1
CS: 20

Rank: Gatherer
Talent: LOCKED

AP Earnings
Reference sheet (Full body + Headshot): 5AP
Writing (For reference sheet): 900 words, 2AP
Headshot (For Astral Tracker): 1AP
SA | Serora | Gatherer | Dorje
hell yeah im joining sa ive needed to make grumpy grandma for like a solid year

Name: Dorje (Vajra (Skt.), something indestructible that can cut through anything, often equated with "diamond" or "thunderbolt")

Age: 60 y.o

Gender: Mare

Species/Breed: Kiang (some Donkey through maternal grandmother)

Coat Color: Bay

Herd Affiliation: Serora and proud of it

Rank: Gatherer

Sexuality: Lesbian

Goddess: Ayla



 Dorje is an activist who grew old, but never grew up. She is usually out of fucks to give, but the few she can give are huge. She cares deeply and sincerely for any and all Serorans, opening her home and taking food from her own mouth to help when needed, but she will not allow herself to be pushed around. She has little tolerance for bullshit and will give you a smack over the head if you test her patience! She is vigorous in her defence of the vulnerable, and is not afraid to get into a fight over it. Was heartbroken at her herds suffering during the drought, mightily pissed off at the decree that Serorans should turn to slavery to survive, and is grimly determined to give all she can in the upcoming war. If she can take another's suffering, she can and will, and won't think to complain about it.

Her less virtuous traits are her biases (at times, blatant racism) and direct nature. She loathes Aodh and any who call that cesspit home, and feels no shame in expressing that opinion. It would be easier to get blood from a stone than to get Dorje to have a civil conversation with a Aodhian. Her opinions are, by this point, set in stone, and no words will get her to change her mind when she has decided something, regardless of the outcome. She has no time for 'slippery talking', and can be exceedingly blunt, to the point of pain. She doesn't care to sweeten her words if it's the truth.

At heart, she is still a 20-something young filly, full of fire and vitriol and ready to change the world for the better. Sadly her body has not stayed as young, but to Dorje this is simply another barrier to get over.


Born to a long line of Serorans, Dorje has always been well adapted for life in the arid lands. Her childhood was filled with love and attention, and her large family ensured she had plenty of agemates to run amok with.

Her life-long inspiration came in the form of her grandmother, Margret. The old donkey was the only one more stubborn than Dorje inthe family, and passed her drive and fury down to her granddaughter. Dorje grew up listening to stories at her grandmothers knee, and watched the old donkey help any who needed it without asking, and was arguably closer to her grandparents than she was to her mother and father.

A lifetime ago, Margret herself had been an Aodhian; a labour slave, to be exact. She had escaped as a teen and walked the entire way to Serora by herself, where she met her husband, Dorje's grandfather, and settled into their nomadic way of life. As a little filly, Dorje only ever heard that her grandmother spent forty days and forty nights walking from 'a bad place'. It was only as Dorje grew older that her grandmother began telling her of her time in Aodh itself- the unending work, the beatings, the foal forced onto her that Margret had to bury herself. A burning hatred was stoked in Dorje, and she dedicated herself to being someone that could make others feel safe. She might not be able to march into Aodh itself, but she could provide a shoulder for those who needed it, as her family had supported her grandmother.

The fire lit in Dorje also showed through in her activism; while Serora is far from oppressive, Dorje still managed to find injustices to rail against. She refused to be cowed or subdued if she saw an  injustice being committed, and would not shy from a fight over it.

In her long life, Dorje has helped hundreds, in ways both large and small. She is a bit of an unofficial foster carer; while her job has always been to be a gatherer, as her family has done ever since there were things to be gathered, she has kept her home and heart open to any child or teen that has needed it. Some stay at her house only for a few days before moving on. Others stay for years, and bring their own foals to grandmothers for Dorje to spoil. She remembers every face that has walked through her doors, and considers them all her family.

-Used to be covered in tattoos, but has long since lost the will to shave her fur down for them to be visible.
-Is pretty spry for a 60 year old! She still surprises some people with how fast she can move when needed (usually when one of her grandfoals is attempting to eat a scorpion)
-Is infertile. Saw this as a message from Ayla that her children would find her, and has never felt particularly bad about this. Considering how many children she has managed to raise regardless, she thinks she's done pretty well!
-Has a massive sweet tooth. Doesn't feel bad about eating an entire honeycomb to herself now, but still ends up giving half of it to sticky grandchildren.
-Is sad about the fact that she has never managed to have a life-long relationship. Has had a few long term partners, but was never able to find the right one. Now she just focuses on her family and accepts this as part of life.
-If horses had harleys, she would ride one.
-REALLY HECKIN READY TO KICK SOME AODH BUTT. her children hold her back all 'oh noooo that's not going to end well for you, please sit down grandma your scaring the kids'


i haven't drawn solid hooves in so long it feels strange


should do her work
Artist | Hobbyist
*loud honking noises*


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