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Shitty things adoptmakers do that nobody likes:
Hi guys! 
This is a rant, yeah, but I tried to make it at least a little entertaining for you, so hear me out if you've got a little time to spare!
It's the Lord of Nerdfish here, to apparently regain some of the notoriety I had before my hiatus for calling this community on some of its shit. 
Don't get me wrong, I love it here and I love you guys, but some habits have crept in amongst those of us who trade in designs/adopts that really nobody enjoys seeing or dealing with.  
And for that reason, without further ado, let me point out some.
Shitty things that we in the adopts community do, that nobody likes,
because they're annoying, make life harder than it has to be, and/or wastes our time,
so if you do this stuff you should probably reconsider, rethink, and try again with a little more basic common decency toward your fellow internet drones in the future.
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Page 120
Turn to page 120.
It's written in the margins of every volume, in the blank pages at the front and back, over and over again, in shiny brown ink. Turn to page 120.
Childish scribbles in a set of ruined books, I knew, the reason this encyclopedia was dirt-cheap at a yard sale. I didn't care: who needs a paper encyclopedia these days? I bought it because it was too good a deal to pass up, because I thought it'd make me look learned, academic. The encyclopedia aesthetic. And I did find it amusing to poke around in, scribbles aside: outdated information preserved in ink and paper, brief summaries of complex concepts, the occasional racist aside. An old encyclopedia is a world unto itself. And wherever there was once a white space the same message: turn to page 120.
Who wouldn't be curious? It takes minimal effort to find a certain page: you don't have to expect much of a payoff for that to be worth it. Of course I turned to page 120.
Every volume I checked, it was the
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Aaahhh thank you so much for the amazing response guys! I've had a blast drawing everyone's amazing characters! I'll choose a few more to complete over the rest of the week, and hopefully I can open another one of these free sketch requests in a months time *w* Thank you for all the amazing characters!


So I finally have enough time (and by enough I mean more than 0 hours) to break my new pens in, and I need some willing victim- I MEAN, lovely fawnlings to practice on!
These will just be lined sketches, and I'll be doing about 2-3 over the next week; this isn't first come first serve so feel free to throw your guys and gals up here *w*
I'll reply to the comments of the ones I pick, and I may just keep picking from these comments if I get some spare time!


All of my time-critical samples are finished and now I'm fighting not to collapse and nap for a week solid haha
It only took a month of non-stop work to get them all done! /cries
Lassie x Allen Renegade Fawn Design
Name: Kiore
Gender: Colt
Year of Birth: 767 of the New Age
Intended Herd: Renegade (In Glenmore)
Phenotype: Grey on Sooty Chestnut
Genotype: ee/aa/Ff/nSty/nG/Fwfw/nRx 
Eye Colour: Brown

Sire: Allen
Dam: Lassie

Played ByHaloclimb 
Designed By: Haloclimb

EDIT: Changed his greying out preview- thank you TigressDesign for the advice on greys! He looks so much better now *w* (Also, my hands are going to fall off after that many dapples. Why do dapples look so good, but are so hard to draw? ;^;)

Grey preview: Kiore will grey out extremely slowly, and probably die before he goes all white. Most of his life he will be covered in dapples and be a bit fleabitten as well where he has gone grey.

AAAAAHHHH I'm so excited to finally get to play with my tiny terror! And I still can't believe he gets to be part of the amazing pirate family, he's in for such a great time :DDD
Thank you so much to DatNachtmaehre and Suga-bean for entrusting me with Lassie bab, I can't wait to get him started *w*
(And apologies for the delay, I get back into internet range and then my laptop up and dies on me D: Drawing dapples with a tablet is hard, drawing them with a trackpad makes me want to cry!)
Catch me if you can
Featuring Lithili looking cool as heck!

I finally uploaded this after digging out my old sketchbook haha
I drew this shortly after winning Lili and I'm honestly so pleased with how it came out? Her grey coat works SO WELL when you only have lots of greys to use haha
I love my little girl she is sO MUCH FUN TO DRAW
I finally got the majority of my doodles and sketches of my fawnplings together in one place aaaaa
This is just all the half-decent ones, I have approximately a billion crappy doodles of my guys running around everywhere orz

Quite a few of these are probably going to end up as proper pieces??? Or will be redone (namely the coloured in pic of Hakea because it came out terrible with my fineliners weh)
Three of these characters are in-game (or near enough!) characters, the fourth curly-haired doe is Hakea, a glenmore refugee livin her days in Windbourne growing flowers and hanging out w/ her gal pal Aine who belongs to ShopKey! She is tired and will punch anyone who is a jerk.  I hope to get her out sometime before the year is out orz

I've got another girl idea knocking around in my head but????? four characters is all I can deal w/ right now so she is going to stay put! so I haven't bothered to include her here because shes not seeing the light of day for a long time!
OKAY NOW THAT KIORE IS A GO! I am in need of a tufted mane token!
I have to offer:
Basic bacon PLUS
A basic design/extra slot/+10 stat boost token PLUS
ART! If you want the bacon and the token, I can also add two headshots- one shaded and one not! If you just want the token OR the bacon, I can offer a shaded headsot AND an unshaded fullybody.
If you want just art, I can offer a fully shaded reference sheet for a character of your choice! That entails a shaded fullbody, a shaded headshot, and an unshaded chibi fullbody- this can demonstrate coat changes, accessories etc.
I can also add in animal companions if your character has them.

I am super cereal about getting Kiores mane tufted before he is 1, so while I am saving bacon to get it myself I am also going to look for a token to get it quick!

Feel free to note me or comment if you are interested!


I've got an idea for a cute Oakfern colt knocking around in my head, but he needs a tufted mane to be perfect! So I am on the lookout for a Tufted Mane token! I can offer art in exchange, such as fawnlings references or general fawnlings art, as shaded or as unshaded as you'd like. I'm happy to do sketch pages; I'm really not picky!

I'm also tentatively looking for an Oakfern colt born roughly around Y768-Y769; I'm going to be pretty busy for a while so I'm in no rush to get him pinned down soon. I'm looking for seal bay/brown-ish genotypes, and I'd prefer him to be bland and boring, so no fawn spots/roaning/stripes etc. So he could have lots of parental options! I'm also not fussed about stats or who his family is, I'd just love for him to be an in-game bred fawn <33
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*loud honking noises*


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